Dodge Bighorn CN/CNT950


Shown above, 1 of 2 prototypes, CNT9500, and the first Bighorn sold to the public.  This truck was used for all literature and is currently being restored by Tony Youngblood. This truck was purchased new by Jim Roop.      

The breakdown of sales figures for the Bighorns are as follows.   


1974   1975

8 Sold in the U.S.

91 Sold in the U.S. 91 Sold in the U.S.

2 Sold in Canada

25 Sold in Canada 43 Sold in Canada
1 Sold In Mexico
The grand total being 261 Bighorns produced between late 1972 and May of 1975 when Dodge ceased production of these trucks. Short lived but making these trucks today rare and highly sought after. Based on registry numbers and Bighorns that we still know to exist, there are approximately 105-110 of the 261 left. Several are in the process of being restored, while several others are sitting and rotting into the ground, still intact but too far gone. The price on these trucks continues to rise, especially with the demand and lack of Bighorns on the market.  In the mid-90's my father, Tony Youngblood, wrote an article for Wheels of Times, in which it was only partially published, but gave a breakdown of the Bighorn, from drivetrain and frame assembly to appearance items. The same article was published several years ago by Old Time Trucks in full and was at one point, the article on this page. As the time comes for more information on the Bighorns, it has now been moved to a separate page and another article, One Of A Kind, on the first Bighorn, is in the process of being added as well. This article was published in the very first issue of Shifting Gears and that issue recently sold out.  Please Note: The information on this page is not complete but will hopefully be soon. 

The Endangered Bighorn 

Written by: Tony Youngblood  

One Of A Kind

Written by: Tony Youngblood Edited by: Marlayna Youngblood  

The United States and French Canadian Brochure on the Bighorn

The Shortnose Bighorn

The History on the Bighorn's Baby Brother  

Dodge Bighorn Specifications  

  Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Wheelbase 185" Any
Engine Cummins - Super 250 Cummins: NH230, NTC270, NTC290 @ 290 or 270 HP, NTC350 @ 350, 335, 320 or 310 HP,   Detroit: 6-71N, 8V-71N, 8V-71T
Cooling 1200-SQ.IN Radiator 1500-SQ.IN Radiator
Clutch:  Spicer 14" - 2 Plate Spicer 15 " - 2 Plate
Transmission:  Fuller RT910 Fuller: RTO9513, RTO12513, RT915,  Spicer: 8554A, P8516-3A, P8716-5B, 1062A, 1007-2A, 1010-2A, 1020-3A,  Auxiliaries: 8345D, 8035P
Propeller Shaft Spicer 1700 Series 1810 Series
Rear Axle Rockwell: SLHD Weight Rating: 34,000LBS GCW Rating: 85,000LBS Ratios: 4.11, 4.44, 4.62 Air-Actuated Interaxle Differential Lockout  
Front Axle Rockwell FF 921  Rating: 12,000 LBS Rockwell: FG 900-16,000 LBS
Frame Heat-Treated Hi-Tensile Steel - 110,000 PSI Size:10 1/8 x 3 x Section Modulus: 11.6 RBM: 1,276,000 IN.-LBS Per Rail 10   x 3 " x 5/16" Section Modulus: 14.76 RBM: 1,623,000 IN.-LBS Per Rail
Crossmembers Bolted Member and Gusset Construction using SAE Grade 8 Bolts. Hardened Washers and Aircraft-type Self-locking Nuts.


Front Springs Leaf-Type 56" x 4"  Pad Capacity: 5300 LBS Pad Rating of: 6000 LBS or 7200 LBS Shock Absorbers
Rear Suspension Reyco 101 on the '73 and '74 Bighorns, replaced by Reyco 102's for '75 Hendrickson:

Air Suspension: Western Stabilaire

Air Lines Aeroquip Reusable Fittings with Parker-Hannefin Flex-Lines--Nylon Lines Inside Cab and in Instrument Panel


Emergency Parking Brake Rockwell Super-Failsafe with Wedge Brakes Spring-Loaded Parking Brakes on both Rear Axles
Fuel Tanks Dual 75-Gallon Steel 26" Barrel-Type with Built-In Steps 75 and 100-Gaal Tanks in Steel or Aluminum
Filters Air: Donaldson Cyclopak 16"
Oil: Fuel Flow: 4-QT. - Engine Mounted           
       Bypass: Fleetguard 14-QT.
Fuel: With Cummins Engines: Fleetguard FF105D         
         With Detroit Diesels: Primary: AC-T 74                                            Secondary: AC-T 65
Water: With Cummins Engines: Fleetguard WF1010-Spin-On


Electrical Batteries: 4.6-V, 165-AMP-HR Starter: Prestolite, 12-V Alternator: Delco-SI 65-Amp Wiring: P.V.C. With Eyelet Terminals Protection: Circuit Breakers Alternators: 80-AMP Delco and 75-AMP Delco SI 25
Steering Gear: Ross 7 D 500, Manual Steering Wheel: 20" Steering Column: Adjustable Ross HF 64 Hydraulic Power Steering
Wheels Spoke with 20 x 7.50 Rims 22" Spoke 20" or 22" Disc or Hi-Tensile Disc or Aluminum 22 " or 24 " Hi-Tensile Disc or Aluminum
Tires 10.00 x 20, 12-PLY Highway Tread 20" or 22" Tube Tires of All Major Brands-Any Available Tread

22 " or 24 " Tubeless Tires of All Major Brands-Any Available Tread



Single 5" Chrome Pipe and Polished Stainless Steel Shield; Dual 5" Chrome Pipes, Dual Mufflers, Dual Polished Stainless Steel Muffler Shields, and Chrome Lower Exhaust Elbow
Other Standard Items Dual Electric Horn, Ashtray, Automatic Backup Lights, Radiator Shutters, Steel Flush-Mounted Bumper, Cab Heater of 30,000 BTU, Cigar Lighter, Door Locks, Retractable Seat Belts, Lights, Dual West Coast Mirrors, Single Sun Visor, Toggle Switches, Turn Signals, Dual Air Windshield Wipers with Single Motor, Vertical Exhaust, Chicago Rawhide Rear Wheel Oil Seals
Other Options


Integral Air Conditioning

Bostrom Viking T-Bar Drivers Seat

Bostrom Air Viking Driver's Seat

Bostrom Viking Companion Seat

Appearance Items


Lightweight Items


Aluminum Front Bumper Aluminum Hubs, Front And/Or Rear Aluminum Differential Carriers Aluminum Flywheel Housing (Standard) Aluminum Batter Box Covers (Standard) Aluminum Intermediate Crossmembers Aluminum Tractor Skid Crossmember Centrifuse Drums Lightweight Hi-Tensile Steel Wheels Aluminum Cab Support (Standard) Aluminum Fuel Tanks and Fuel Tank Hangers Aluminum Transmission Case on Spicer Transmissions Only

Weight Information
Model Max GVW (lbs) Max GCW (lbs)
CN950 35,000 85,000
CNT950 60,000 120,000