I have had countless people over the last several years e-mailing me with regards to parts and other information regarding the Dodges. I try my best to respond to each and every e-mail I receive. I ask though, if you are not a serious buyer of parts, please do not waste my time nor yours. We try to be fair in price and help everyone in the hobby as we appreciate those who try and help save what is left of the old Dodge trucks. We have a general idea of what we have in stock with regards to parts but we do not have a parts list available.

    If you are looking for parts, please e-mail me specifically what you need and we can check to see what we have. If and when I respond, please at least have the courtesy to e-mail that you aren't interested. If we do not have it, we try our best to let you know where you may be able to get the parts from, it's not always possible, but we do what we can. If for some reason, you do not hear anything from me within a timely manner, please e-mail me once again. I am human and sometimes forget or lose track of who I have responded to. 


olddodges at gmail dot com

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