As I continue to add additional literature to the website, I felt it was time to have a single page which list the pieces that are available throughout the website. All of the literature are scans of the originals printed by the Chrysler Corporation which we have in our collection, unless noted otherwise.


1950's 1960's

1957 D100

1957 T700/800/900


Mid 60's C600

Mid 60's A-Series Vans and Pickups

1964 Custom Sports Special

1965 D100-D300

1965 High Tonnage C-Series Gas and Diesel

1966 Heavy-Duty Tilt Cabs

1967 Medium-Duty Diesel-Powered LCF's

1968 D100-D300

1968 Heavy-Duty Models

1970's Manuals and Accessories

Dodge D1000 Literature, Argentina

1970 D100-D300

1970 Truck Ditzler Automotive Paint Chart (covers '66-'69 paint codes)

1971 D100-D300

1972 Heavy-Duty Models

1973 D600/PD600 Mexico

1973 Medium-Duty Literature

1973 Truck Product Line

1973 Medium-Duty LCF's

1973 Dodge Bighorn

1973 French Canadian Heavy-Duty Trucks

1973 Heavy-Duty Tilt Cabs

1973 and 1974 Heavy-Duty LCF's

1974 D100 Club Cab

1975 D100-D300

1975 Medium-Duty Literature

1977 Ramcharger

1968 Truck Accessories

1974 Truck Accessories

1975 Truck Accessories

A-345 Automatic Transmission

Bendix Brakes

Operators Manual

Dodge News Products (Press Release Photos)