The Dodge Bighorn Registry

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     Updated 7/13/2012 Welcome to the Bighorn Registry. The Registry is a compilation of years of research and connections with past and present Bighorn owners by my father, Tony (MrBighorn) and myself, Kyle. I have taken the information we've received and am presenting it into a format so that all current Bighorn owners and fans alike can learn more about these trucks, how many are still left and where they are at. Since I heavily dove into this project back in 2005, I have seen the number of Bighorns documented grow from numbers in the low 70's to 109 currently. This has taken the population of Bighorns still existing from what we once thought several years ago of only about 85, to upwards of 120, with almost all these trucks in collectors hands, having been restored in some manner or still waiting/undergoing restoration. A few of these Grand trucks still run the road on a regular basis or occasionally for shows but that is a site rarely seen. 

     The continued goal of this Registry is to document all Bighorns known to be left in existence and to find and document those not yet known about. These trucks deserve to be preserved and with the help of people like you who this Registry is for, this will be possible.