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Sweptline Restoration CD

By: Jim Megee


Here is what Jim's CD offers:
OVER 750 photos of his restoration process 

Over 40 easy to find repair sections, IE Doors, Rockers, Floors, Heater, Painting, etc. These sections have text captions to show how the repair was done.
Jims 68 Dodge story, this is a 127 page story of the "why, when, and how his Dodge truck was repaired.
Useful Dodge notes
Wiring schematics
Tools used
Many photos of original Dodge truck ads
Hours and hours of reading!

Here are several examples of what you can find in this CD.

Comments from just a few CD owners:

MN says:

"The CD is one piece of impressive work!
When you think of how much work it is to repair something, THEN think about actually STOPPING to photograph and document the steps taken, it is a real marvel! Jim has put together a great informational tool, an good learning tool and it can also be used as a how-to, step by step guide. Jims level of skill is beyond the average Shade-tree, but the explanations can give everyone an understanding of how to get the task done, His metal repair abilities are simply outstanding. Jim shows the body repairs from the rusty beginnings to the patch panels to the finished product, step by step, photo by photo. It's a great resource guide for the do-it-yourselfer, and just plain entertaining for all Sweptline owners.
If I had a rating system, I'd give it top marks!"


RA says:
"This CD is a must have for any Sweptline enthusiast. It's the closest thing to a "How to restore your Sweptline" book yet, definitely worth the cost."


TH says:
"I just received Jim's Sweptline CD. I would recommend it for any Sweptline enthusiast. It is well written and has a lot of great pictures. It shows a lot of repairs to areas that are common problems on our trucks."


CM says:
"If you haven't ordered one, and consider yourself a Sweptline enthusiast, you better get one. I have spent 2 nights, and about 3.5 hours on it, and so far, haven't seen everything on the CD. if you ever wondered, "what's behind that panel?" Jims CD will show you. seems like the man cut everyone of them off at one time or another. This is one of those "must haves" for any Sweptline fan. really makes you appreciate the work that goes into some of these trucks."


BD says:
"I found Jim's CD in my mailbox yesterday and have been pouring over it ever since. This is a great resource for any Sweptline owner. I especially like the pictures with text commentary right on them. I can see printing these and taking them out to the garage so I can look at them while I work


KY says:
"This is a must for anyone restoring a Sweptline.  Tons of information in there that you may not think of while restoring your truck.  Jim did an excellent job in documenting his restoration and this will definitely help me as I continue to restore my D300. A+ work"