For Sale 1958 Dodge Power Wagon WM300 Swivel Frame

Completely restored from the ground up, 1958 Dodge Power Wagon WM300 Swivel Frame. Yes, this is an original SWIVEL FRAME truck, one of only 14 currently known to exist. This truck was taken all the way down to the bare frame rails and completely rebuilt, no bolts left unturned. The engine has been rebuilt. Running boards and fenders are new metal. The bed as well is new reproduction metal and brand new sealed wood floors. Stainless steel cable and chain on the winch. Dark Green exterior, black interior. You want a show ready piece that is bound to turn heads, this is the truck for you. For inquiries, contact Tony Youngblood at 706-799-2500.

Price $100,000 – If you ask the guys at Vintage Power Wagons, they’ll tell you it’s a steal!