For Sale 1975 Dodge CNT900 Shortnose Bighorn

Here’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along often. This is a head turner and and oddity for any collection. 1975 Dodge CNT900 Shortnose Bighorn. This is the truck that never left the engineering department. This is 1 of 9 prototypes that were produced for testing by Dodge with most being destroyed during the testing phases. There is officially only one other known to still exist and it’s a completely disassembled truck and has been for some time in a private owners collection. This truck is even more unique in the fact that it was the “Picture” truck. It was the the truck that the Chrysler Corporation used to release their factory news photo and publications with. It was the truck Dodge used to have displayed on the cover of the Owner Operator Nov/Dec 1974 issue and in the articles.

Chrysler held onto this truck after they shut down the production of their commercial truck division. It was utilized at Chelsea Proving Grounds up through the early 2000’s. At that time Chrysler contacted Tony Youngblood to obtain parts to restore the truck. Through their financial issues during the Mercedes era, several years later they elected to not perform the restoration and it was purchased by Tony Youngblood.

The truck was stripped down to bare frame rails and a complete restoration was performed. Nothing was left unturned, all the way down to the new lugnuts, bearings, leaf springs, etc. There is final hood adjustment that will need to be completed and due to sitting, the cylinder shifter valve for the gear ranges needs to be unstuck.

Truck is spec’d with a 318 Detroit, 13 speed RTO9513 transmission. 12,000 Rockwell front axle and a 38,000 lb Rockwell rears on Reyco 102 Suspension. Truck has twin exhaust, chrome lubifiner, polished stainless steel mirrors and arms and the shortest wheelbase option available. This truck was set to take the place of the Hi-Cab 900 before the production got pulled. The truck is very uniquely engineered in that it wasn’t a Hi-cab 900 with a shortened Bighorn hood on it and it wasn’t a Bighorn setup with the hood cut short. Cab supports, interior design, hood design with venting and installation, etc, very much different and very much unique to this truck. It really is unique and is the final engineering design of what it would have been. Even compared to the other known prototype, there is major difference with what they started with and where this one ended up engineering wise.

Truck is located in Augusta, GA. Buyer is responsible for arranging shipping of the truck. For further questions, please contact Tony direct. 706-799-2500.